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Created out of the need to find quality information about the beautiful city we live in, Danville Social is designed to be easy to use, easy to read, and easy to find. Our mission is to support our community and to help our local businesses thrive.
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Meet Laura Crawford

Laura Crawford possesses a perfect combination of local knowledge, skill and passion for real estate but it is her community engagement, exceptional personal service, real estate marketing strategies that make all the difference. Laura applies her deep knowledge and 20+ years of experience in business design systems and communication strategies to create a seamless, easy and enjoyable experience for her clients as they trust her in the buying and selling of their largest investments. Laura knows this trust is a tremendous honor and she absolutely loves what she does – and it shows. Laura’s commitment to her clients interests, attention to detail, unique market insights, honest and reliable negotiations allow her to create exceptional personal service and a new blue ocean of possibilities for her clients.

“I live in Danville and am deeply inspired by the beautiful rolling hills dotted with cows under big gorgeous skies, the excellent shops and gourmet restaurants, and the wonderful families involved in their community. I choose to work locally with the utmost integrity and service. Providing this service through Real Estate is a truly rewarding life’s work … and that has made all the difference.”

 – Laura Crawford

Laura is a wife, mother, Realtor, designer, occasional abstract painter, dog lover, and one-time marathon runner. She enjoys exploring science museums and local art galleries with her family, and letting her enthusiastic Labrador pull her around town.

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The key to your dream home is a local realtor with inventory insights. The right agent makes all the difference. Reach out to Laura today!
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